Design Process

Initial Meeting

At the initial meeting, I gather information to help determine needs and wants for your specific project.  Be prepared to answer questions that relate to the purpose, size, and budget of the project.  

Preliminary Design

I provide a preliminary drawing of floor plans and a 3-dimensional rendering for you to review.  Upon review, we will work together to modify this preliminary plan to set us in the right direction with your project.

Floor Plan and Elevation Presentation

Once a preliminary floor plan is confirmed, I begin to focus on the details of the plans and work on the elevations to be presented.  We will discuss many of the finer details of the project at this point. 

Final Drawings Presentation 

Once the drawings are complete, you will receive, at the very least, the following pages in your plans to submit for permit or to obtain contractor bids.

  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Cross Sections

These plans will be provided in a .pdf file as well as hard copies to 1/4" scale.


Most often, the county and/or city will require a REScheck compliance review that needs to be submitted with your plans for permit application.  The REScheck evaluation indicates whether the mixed energy efficiency elements of the house meet or surpass the minimal requirements of the baseline home.  I can calculate and complete this review and provide with your final drawings.

Reasonable Pricing

By charging an hourly rate, I can offer reasonable pricing for you that is fair and honest.


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