Design Process

Initial Meeting: 
Your Vision, Our Blueprint

Welcome to the beginning of your custom home design journey!  

So, what’s on the agenda for this first get-together? Well, it's all about getting to know each other and diving into your vision for your home.  We’ll chat about your ideas, your style preferences, and the specific needs you have for your space.  Whether it's a new home, an addition, or a remodel, I'm here to listen and understand every detail.

If your project involves working with an existing site, we’ll discuss that too.  It's important to consider how your home will sit on your property and how it interacts with the surroundings.

Of course, we’ll also talk about the practical stuff – your budget and timeline.  It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of these from the start, so I can make sure the design we develop is both achievable and realistic.

What should you bring along?  Anything that you feel will help communicate your vision – photos, sketches, a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves.  And if you have specific information about your site, that’s always helpful.


Preliminary Design:
Shaping your Vision into Reality

In our preliminary design meeting, you'll be presented with an initial floor plan and a 3D rendering that capture the conceptual ideas for your project. This stage is all about exploring possibilities and setting the foundation for your dream space. The preliminary design acts as a starting point from which we can refine and evolve the design.

Remember, this process is highly collaborative.  We'll discuss your thoughts, preferences, and feedback on the initial design.  Your input is crucial, and modifying or changing the design is not just expected but encouraged. 

We can go through as many iterations as needed to ensure that we are moving in the right direction.  This meeting is a key step in our journey to create a space that perfectly aligns with your vision, needs, and lifestyle. Your satisfaction with the design is my top priority, and I'm committed to working closely with you to achieve that.

Detailed Design Presentation:
Your Home Takes Shape

After our preliminary meeting,  I’ll be putting together a more detailed floor plan and elevation based on our discussions.  I’ll send these over to you by email, so you can review them at your convenience.

In the floor plan, you'll see a clearer layout of each room, including the sizes and how they all flow together.  The elevations will give you a good feel for the exterior look of your home – think of it as seeing your house from the street, with all the design elements in place.

I really encourage you to take your time with these plans.  Look them over, imagine living in the space, and see if everything feels right. Your feedback here is vital.  If there’s anything you want to change or if something doesn't quite sit right with you, let me know.  This is all about getting every detail just the way you want it.

Once I have your thoughts and feedback, we’ll make any necessary adjustments.  Our aim is to have these plans finalized and ready to transition smoothly into the construction phase. 

Final Drawings Presentation 


As we reach the final stage of our design process, I will present to you the completed working drawings.  These are the detailed plans that bring all our collaborative efforts and your visions to fruition.  They are not just drawings; they are the blueprint of your future home.

Once these drawings are complete, you will receive a comprehensive set of plans, crucial for obtaining building permits and for contractor bids. This set includes:

  • Foundation Plan: Detailing the design and structure of the foundation.
  • Floor Plans: Showing the layout of each level of the house, including room sizes and relationships.
  • Elevations: Illustrating the exterior of your home from all sides, showcasing the design, materials, and overall look.
  • Cross Sections: Providing a ‘cut-through’ view of the house, offering details about the different layers of construction.

All these plans will be provided to you in two formats.  You'll receive a digital copy in a .pdf file, which is convenient for electronic sharing and viewing.  Additionally, I'll provide hard copies of these plans printed to a 1/4" scale.  These hard copies are particularly useful for a more tangible, detailed view, and are often preferred by contractors and for permit submissions.



Most often, the county and/or city will require a REScheck compliance review that needs to be submitted with your plans for permit application.  The REScheck evaluation indicates whether the mixed energy efficiency elements of the house meet or surpass the minimal requirements of the baseline home.  I can calculate and complete this review and provide with your final drawings.

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